Investigative Tip

“If there was one thing which Sloan had learned over the years it was that you should never underestimate the element of luck in detective work.”
Catherine Aird

There is no doubt that the solution to a mystery lies in hard work, in-depth analysis and teamwork. Often just as important is pure dumb luck, it’s that clue that you stumble across when you are not even looking.  Clues could be in news articles, police reports, in the memories and statements of friends or acquaintances.  Sometimes the lucky break could come from a motive or means discovered in a mystery novel or through the random brainstorming in a whiteboard session. Luck is often an important part of an investigation, so keep reading, keep researching, keep analyzing and keep posting.  The information you relay may start the conversation which could lead us, the team, to the lucky break we need to solve this case.